Thursday, 11 May 2017

How can testimonials and client reviews help real estate websites?

In this technologically advanced world where almost every person has a smartphone with an internet connection, almost everything is done online. From buying grocery items to purchasing homes, people now first look at different websites to collect information and then take the next step.

But selling things online is a bit different from this in physical stores. In the digital world, instead of the workforce, you need to focus on testimonials and client reviews. These are not mere words written by people sitting idle, but the genuine feedback provided by consumers to help other buyers like the. This is not just limited to consumer goods but also makes a lot of difference for real estate market. Reviews and testimonials have the power to make or mare a business. This is the reason real estate website in India should also pay attention to this feedback from buyers to grow their business.

But before putting efforts on reviews and testimonials, let’s first understand the difference between the two.

Reviews: These are simple statements made by people. These can be partial or impartial and people can write even without using the services. Reviews have a lot of impact on the ranking of a website in search engines. Reviews are most of the times supported by ratings of 1 to 5 stars. One can leave a review about any product or brand anywhere like social media pages, customer complaint forums, online marketplaces etc.
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Testimonials: This is generally a positive feedback written by the happy customers. These are published on company websites and the owners have complete right on what to publish and what not. As far as testimonials for realestate in India are concerned, these are written for the quality of services provided by the agents or the quality of project delivered by the builder.

Importance of reviews and testimonials for real estate business

Real estate is considered one of the lucrative businesses in India due to high commissions. This is the reason behind mushrooming of real estate agents, consultants, property dealers etc. Most of the new entrants in the market start a business with a website where they can easily connect with the potential customers.

However, making a buying decision just on the basis of reviews and testimonials is not considered viable by the property buyers; they still get an idea about the quality of services offered by a specific real estate company. So properties website can work on reviews and testimonials to at least get calls from interested buyers. Investors and buyers prefer to contact companies with more positive feedback for their services. You can attract clients on a high scale to grow your business just be working on reviews and testimonials.

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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

4 Tips To Buy A Perfect Home in Hyderabad

A home is no more just a brick and mortar structure. It is a dream for people for which they save for decades. So when using the saving of lifetime to buy a home, why do we get careless? There are homebuyers who just look at the eye-catching brochure, read the specifications on the real estate website and pay booking amount, which is actually not a right way to buy home.

Especially in the market where builders and agents try to trap innocent first-time buyers in their dirty games, homebuyers need to be extra cautious. However, recently implemented Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act is expected to bring tremendous changes in unorganized real estate market, buyers still need to pay attention. Here are a few tips to ensure you invest in one of the best upcoming project in Hyderabad.

Location is crucial

Builders nowadays boast a lot about the location of their projects. Even if the project is located in a deserted location, they will mention it is situated at a strategic location with smooth connectivity. If you don’t want to get trapped into this, make sure you visit the project location before making down payment.

Apart from connectivity, when investing in real estate in Hyderabad, properly check the neighborhood and social infrastructure in the vicinity. Make sure the area has property maintained schools, hospitals, retail stores etc.


Every apartment in the city has different price. There are chances that you like a project which bears more price than your budget and you plan to arrange extra money from different sources. There is no use of paying extra for just a few amenities which you might not even use in future. So it’s better you stick to your budget and look a right home.

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Construction status of the project

When looking for Projects in the market, you will come across two choices: ready-to-move-in and under construction. If you want a customized apartment as per your choice, you can invest in an under construction project. For those who don’t want to take double financial burden of loan and monthly rent, opt for ready to move in flat. You can also find luxurious apartments in Hyderabad where you can take possession immediately.

Vastu Compliance

If you want your home to have positive energy and healthy environment, look for a Vastu compliant home in Hyderabad. There are builders who are offering Vastu compliant homes at attractive prices. You can search online to find a suitable apartment for you.