Wednesday, 12 October 2016

How Is Real Estate Catering To Evolving Needs Of Indian Residential Buyers?

Buying property in India has progressed in different ways that has a prime focus on the development of country’s infrastructure. Investors from all across the world are now showing interest in India’s economic growth leading up to the current real estate projects, which are no longer confined to the category of affordable housing. The growing economic prosperity has opened several doors for buyers who are fascinated by almost all of the segments of realty industry. Particularly, the Indian luxury housing market is the one that has gained a lot of momentum since the downfall of real estate website and business a few years ago. This segment has given new hopes to developers as they can work upon introducing innovative projects keeping in consideration the changing demands of buyers.

Here are a few examples depicting the alteration in real estate that is definitely here to stay-

Branded residential properties
Residencies that fall under the category of any particular famous brand are being given more preference than the regular ones. This trend has come into action since last 2-3 years because exclusivity of projects has become quite essential for buyers who are spending a large sum of money. Developers who have established themselves in the luxury housing segment are witnessing this rapid change and using their capabilities to build attractive projects. A norm that is active these days is the demand of utmost luxury in the branded residential complexes, which helps buyers to differentiate between different segments of housing. 

Global funds empowering builders
Funding has always been a major concern by real estate builders whether it is a residential or commercial property segment. However, the issue that has been resurfacing from quite some time now is being tackled by renewed funding options that are available these days. One of the most talked about options is supply of funding from global investors who are keen to bet money on a rising economy, which is Indian realty industry. Backed by the large scale investments coming from global sources, the residential market of real estate in India is experiencing an all time high these days.
When talked about the future of residential property of the country, all eyes are turned to the government to contribute in the ongoing development process. By reevaluating most of the policy measures, the organizational bodies are trying to bring a much-needed change in the expansion of diverse segments of real estate. An example of this growth is a step taken by government to ease out external commercial borrowing (ECB) regulations in order to make housing segment more organized for future deals.
Through these dynamic steps in the real estate industry of India, it is quite evident that both government and developers are trying their best to offer best deals for buyers. This situation has emerged from a decade of sluggish growth and planning structures that were going nowhere. However, the scenario looks completely different now and is on a path to redefine the realty business of the country. Buying residential property has become fairly easy for investors and this development phase is likely to continue for more years to come as the country is stepping forward. These steps will enable Indian buyers to pick out and invest money in a property that is best suited for them irrespective of its segment.

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